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Burst into bath time with the Guava Toys Bath Bomb 12pk! Included are 4 awesome food inspired scents: Chocolate Pudding, Sour Melon, Grape Jelly, and Cookie. Just plop one in the tub and watch your bathwater transform into a colorful, sweet-smelling paradise!



  • 12 bath bombs
  • 4 scents: chocolate pudding, sour melon, grape jelly and cookie

Bathtime is now craft time thanks to Guava Toy’s DIY Bathbomb Bucket. Make your own colorful bathbombs using 3 distinct shapes (sphere, duck, and elephant) and 3 delicious scents (apple, mint, and strawberry). Combine different colors, shapes, and scents, to make your own unique bath bomb. After it dries, then drop your finished creation in the tub to turn your bath water into a vibrant and sweet-smelling concoction.

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Breakfast has never been so much fun to make and eat thanks to Guava Toys Edible Pancake Art – Splash Edition! Simply choose one of 6 stenciled designs from the Batter Pad, mix the included batter with water using the whisk provided, add food coloring (yellow, red, or blue), trace the stencil with the batter, pop into the microwave, and enjoy!